Trend Watch: The Oscars & Luxury Watches

March is here, which means that Hollywood is gearing up for the biggest and most glamorous night in the industry—the Oscars! Slated to take place this Sunday, March 4, 2018, at the iconic Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel will host the Academy Awards for his second consecutive year.

Before we tune into the 90th edition of the Academy Awards, we take a look back at the watches that made an appearance in this year’s Oscar-nominated films or on the wrists of Oscar-nominees. Have a walk down our red carpet.


Daniel Kaluuya and IWC

Nominated in the Best Actor category for his work in the film Get Out, British actor Daniel Kaluuya has had a busy award season leading up to the Oscars—not to mention all the attention he’s currently receiving his role in the blockbuster Marvel movie, Black Panther. He just recently nabbed the BAFTA Rising Star Award, which acknowledges new talents in the acting industry, voted on by the public.

Daniel Kaluuya wears an IWC Portofino Chronograph. To get a similar look, here’s a IWC GST Chronograph.
On the red carpet at the BAFTA awards, the 29-year-old Daniel Kaluuya was spotted wearing an elegant IWC Portofino Chronograph to match his dapper Burberry suit. Rather than opting to wear the chronograph on a more traditional leather strap, Daniel Kaluuya chose to wear his IWC on a striking steel Milanese bracelet, which suits him perfectly.


Meryl Streep and Cartier

It wouldn’t be an Oscars night without Meryl Streep up for yet another Best Actress award! This time, the prolific actress is nominated for her portrayal of Katharine Graham in The Post. In the movie, we see the Kay Graham, the publisher of The Washington Post, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper don a yellow gold Cartier watch.

In The Post, Meryl Streep’s character wears a yellow gold Cartier with a Panthere bracelet
What’s interesting about this particular yellow gold square woman’s Cartier watch is that it’s equipped with the famous brick-lay Panthere bracelet. Yet, the Panthere watch only came out in the 1980s while the movie is set in the 1970s.


Molly’s Game and Piaget

Nominated for an award for Best Adapted Screenplay, Molly’s Game tells the story of Molly Bloom’s underground poker empire for celebs, wealthy athletes, and business magnates and her eventual downfall at the hands of the FBI.

Jessica Chastain’s character in Molly’s Game wear a rose gold Piaget watch. Get a similar look with this piece.
Jessica Chastain plays Molly in the movie and in real life the actress has served as a Piaget ambassador for years. Perhaps Jessica Chastain’s partnership with Piaget carried over into the movie since Molly wears a rose gold Piaget Traditional watch with a diamond bezel and diamond indexes, along with matching Piaget bracelets on screen.


Dunkirk and Omega

One of the most compelling movies of the year and rightly nominated for a Best Movie Oscar, Dunkirk recounts the harrowing evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II. In the movie, Tom Hardy stars as Farrier, an RAF fighter pilot providing aerial support during the military operation. When Farrier’s plane fuel gauge breaks, the pilot has to rely on his wristwatch to keep track of how much time he has until he runs out of fuel. The watch is, in fact, an Omega CK2129—the same model the Swiss watch company supplied to the RAF during the war.

Off the camera, Tom Hardy often wears an Omega Planet Ocean
Off camera, Tom Hardy is often photographed with an Omega Planet Ocean, Rolex Submariner, or Rolex Explorer II Polar” on his wrist.


While we’re excited to see who will win Oscars at the 90th Academy Awards, as watch enthusiasts, we’ll also be keeping a close eye on the red carpet to spot what kind of watches all the A-list celebrities, mega movie stars, and Hollywood personalities will be wearing.

Trend Watch: Best Mens Watches for Women

5 Men’s Watches That Look Amazing on Women

When it comes to the rules of fashion, chic women aren’t very good at following them. In fact, the most stylish ladies throw the rulebook out and abide by their own guidelines.

First thing that comes to mind is our centuries-long curiosity with men’s clothing and accessories. Women are particularly good at taking items conventionally labeled as menswear and making it their own. It’s hard to imagine now, but women only started wearing trousers in the in the 1920s. Could you imagine your wardrobe without your favorite pair of pants? Thank goodness for fashion rebels that pave the way for new trends.

Almost a century later, we see the same approach in the luxury watch space. There are plenty of women out there who are sporting watches that were in fact designed for men—and these ladies look fab doing it.

Traditionally, women’s watches have been smaller, more bejeweled, more delicate, and less complex than their male counterparts. Which is fine because a dash of diamonds is always welcomed, but it’s shouldn’t be the only option for ladies who love watches. Particularly frustrating is the prevalence of quartz calibers at the heart of women’s watches rather than mechanical movements. Consequently, women are turning to larger, more robust, more complex, and ultimately, more interesting men’s watches to wear.

Have a look at some of our favorite men’s watches that would look great on a woman’s wrist.


Rolex Datejust 36

As Rolex’s signature dress watch, the Datejust is offered in a variety of sizes, from the petite to the oversized. However, for a long time, the 36mm Datejust was classified as the men’s option—the brand only introduced a larger Datejust II in 2011.

Yet, for a long time women have been opting for the men’s Datejust 36 rather than the smaller Lady-Datejust given that 36mm is neither too big nor too small for most. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Anniston, and Eva Longoria proudly sport their “men’s” Datejust 36 watches. The best part about the Rolex Datejust 36 collection is variety. The famous luxury watch is available in a slew of metals, along with an immense choice of dial colors, bezel designs, bracelet styles, and gems embellishments.


Omega Speedmaster Reduced

Based on the design of the Omega Speedmaster Professional that went to the moon, but equipped with modern features, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced marries legendary status and contemporary practicality.

Similar to the “Moonwatch,” there Speedy Reduced has the rugged stainless steel body, the chronograph functionality, the Hesalite crystal, and the sleek black bezel and black dial combo. However, rather than a manual-wind movement, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced runs on an automatic movement with 40 hours of power reserve. Plus, it has a 39mm case rather than the larger 42mm case of the Professional versions, making it ideal for ladies looking for a sub-40mm chronograph watch. A fantastic sporty chronograph, even Stana Katic from ABC’s Castle show wears a Speedy!


Cartier Ronde Solo

We can thank Coco Chanel for endorsing menswear-inspired clothing for women, ditching the frills and adopting a more androgynous fashion style. In fact, this has remained a very French approach to fashion and Cartier is no exception. In fact, the chic timepieces that come out of Maison Cartier are often considered unisex in style, offered in a range of sizes to suit different wrist measurements.

While the 42mm Cartier Ronde Solo is categorized as a men’s watch due to its large case, its slim profile and classic design make it easy for a woman to include it in her wardrobe. Just like the little black dress, a stainless steel round case paired with a black leather strap is always appropriate.


Rolex Daytona

With a case size measuring 40mm and the added bulk of the two chronograph pushers, the Rolex Daytona is certainly not a shy watch. But it has been the it luxury sports watch among the fashion-set and celeb A-listers for a while now. Some famous ladies who are often spotted with their Rolex Daytona chronos are Elle McPherson, Sofia Vergara, Madonna, Chiara Ferragni, and members of the Kardashian clan, just to name a few.

Available in a range of metals including steel, gold, and platinum, gold versions of the Daytona are particularly beautiful for women to wear. Prestigious, precious, and technically sound, the Daytona is well deserving of its iconic status among luxury chronograph watches.


Panerai Luminor

Most often associated with Hollywood action stars like Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Panerai is a heavyweight player in the oversized watch trend. But Heidi Klum got onboard and showed us that ladies can rock a mega Panerai too!

With a 44mm cushion case outfitted with the signature bridge protecting the winding crown, the Panerai Luminor Marina is a hefty timepiece. Yet, its time-only dial is characteristically minimal, displaying oversized markers on a dark background, while the classic black leather strap adds a touch of elegance.

If you’re a lady looking for a fine timepiece, don’t limit yourself to those labeled as women’s watches—browse the men’s department too. You might just find the perfect piece waiting for you there.

February Watch of the Month: Cartier Tank Française

This month we are talking about one of our favorite classic timepieces. The Cartier Tank Française.

Just last year, Cartier celebrated the 100th anniversary of their famous Tank watch. The Cartier Tank was designed by Louis Cartier himself in 1917, and according to legend, the design was inspired by the new military tanks that fought on the battlefields during World War I.

The distinct ridged lines and rectangular shape of the Tank timepiece was intriguing indeed during a time when watches were typically round. Over the last century, the Tank watch has remained a mainstay in Cartier’s watch collections, with the brand producing countless iterations of the timepiece. The most popular version among them is the modern Tank Française watch, which made its debut in 1996.


Cartier Tank Française Watch Design Elements

When looking down at the watch, the case mimics the cockpit of an armored vehicle while the thick sides of the case—known as brancards—resemble a tank’s treads. In fact, to emphasize the military connection, the very first Tank watch was bestowed to American general John Pershing in 1918 to celebrate his contribution to the victory of the Allies.

When Cartier introduced the Tank Française, the Maison took a very contemporary approach to one of their most classic watches. For instance, the case of the Tank Française is squarer in shape rather than rectangular. Yet, the most distinct design detail of the then-new Tank Française was its integrated metal bracelet. The chain-link bracelet watch was very well received, particularly among a younger audience, and continues to be a top-seller for Cartier. Like most Cartier watches, the Tank Française is a unisex timepiece, available in a range of sizes from small to medium to large to extra-large.

In keeping with Cartier watch design codes, most Tank Française watches have the familiar black Roman numerals and blue sword-shaped hands on a white dial, along with the blue cabochon-cut stone mounted on the winding crown. Of course, there’s the “secret Cartier signature” hidden in the VII or X numerals too. There are some exceptions within the ladies’ Tank Française collection however, such as different color mother-of-pearl dials and diamond indexes rather than numerals.

Although the integrated bracelet and full metal look of the Tank Française is the most ubiquitous style, Cartier has introduced a few leather strap versions too. And whilst the stainless steel Tank Française is by far the most popular edition, there are some two-tone, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and diamond models too.

In terms of functionality, the Cartier Tank Française collection runs the gamut from basic time-only models to chronograph versions. Furthermore, there quartz caliber editions, as well as mechanical movement versions too.


The Appeal of the Cartier Tank Française Watch

Part of the Cartier Tank Française’s appeal lies in the fact that its strong and straightforward classic design works well as an everyday luxury watch. Celebrities have worn different versions of the Tank watch for decades, including Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Andy Warhol, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Princess Diana. And in 2009, former First Lady Michelle Obama donned her Tank Française watch to accompany her black dress and white pearl necklace in her official White House portrait.

The Cartier Tank Française timepiece is most definitely a luxury watch, without going over the top. Very French. Very chic.


How Much Does the Cartier Tank Française Watch Cost?

Since the Cartier Tank Française has been around for more than two decades, there are plenty of options to buy them from the secondary preowned watch market. While a basic stainless steel small ladies’ Tank Française starts at $3,250 retail, a pre-owned watch in great condition can be picked up for about $2,000.

Retail prices of two-tone steel and gold Tank Française watches start at about $5,500 for smaller ladies’ models and about $7,000 for the larger men’s versions. On the other hand, full gold Tank Française timepieces start at around $15,000 and can go well beyond $25,000—particularly if you add a dash to diamonds to the mix. Pre-owned prices will save you anywhere from 20% – 50%, depending on the condition and age of the watch.

The Cartier Tank Française watch has rightfully earned its iconic status with luxury watch enthusiasts. One of Cartier’s greatest hits, the Tank Française, is a superbly designed watch that marries timeless elegance and modern approachability.

Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Men’s Luxury Watch Collection

If you’ve been exploring the idea of starting a luxury watch collection but have no clue where to start, you are not alone. The notion of investing in a fine timepiece may be a daunting one, but with a few helpful tips—not to mention the fantastic prices the pre-owned and vintage market has to offer—you’ll soon be on your way to sporting a collection that is enviable. Here are our recommendations for some solid starter watches to begin building your high-end timepiece collection and the rich history behind each piece.


Omega Speedmaster Automatic

Few watches offer the recognition and cool-factor of the Omega Speedmaster. It was, after all, the first watch to go to the moon! And while the original Omega “Moon Watch” was a manual-wound chronograph, we would recommend an automatic version of the Speedmaster for your starter collection.

The automatic Omega Speedmaster, also known as the Speedmaster Reduced, sports the iconic “Moon Watch” look but with the added practicality of a self-winding movement. Therefore, as long as you keep wearing the watch, it’ll keep going without a need for batteries or regular manual winding.

As a sporty chronograph model, there is the duo of chrono pushers on the case flanking the winding crown, along with the trio of subdials on the dial in the 3/6/9 configuration. Built in stainless steel, sized at a very wearable 39mm, and equipped with the familiar black dial and black tachymeter bezel, the Speedmaster will undoubtedly be a favorite in your sports watch collection.


Cartier Tank Solo

Along with a sports watch, every gentleman should have a dapper dress watch in his collection. And no one does dress watches quite like Cartier. Famous for their elegant silhouettes, the Maison Cartier are masters of differently shaped watches, such as the Tank.

The history of the Cartier Tank watch dates back to 1917. As its name implies, the timepiece was inspired by the then-new military tanks used during WWI. Over the following century, Cartier offered plenty of iterations of the Tank watch, including the modern entry-level Tank Solo.

Cherished for its minimal approach, the Tank Solo Automatic has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its iconic rectangular shaped case in stainless measures a perfectly sized 31mm x 41mm and houses a crisp white dial with Cartier’s signature black Roman numerals and blue sword-shaped hands. There’s also a date window for added practicality. As with most Cartier timepieces, the Tank Solo also has the blue cabochon-cut stone on the winding crown. Finishing off the sophisticated look of the Tank Solo is the classic black alligator strap.

From the office to dinner, this handsome dress watch is one you won’t think twice about wearing all the time.


Breitling Chronomat Evolution

If you’ve spent any time browsing through men’s luxury watches, you will have no doubt noticed that two-tone models have been a popular choice for decades. Rather than choosing between white or yellow metals, going for a watch that includes both is a great option.

Breitling approaches the two-tone combination on this Breitling Chronomat Evolution in a subtle way, only including a few yellow gold touches on the predominately 44mm steel watch. Famed for their technical and sporty aviation-inspired timepieces, this particular Breitling Chronomat Automatic is a dressier take on a sporty chronograph thanks to the yellow gold winding crown, chrono pushers, rider tabs on the bezel, and details on the dial. The rich blue dial sets the perfect background for the trio of registers at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, while the date window sits at 3 o’clock. Plus, emphasizing the watch’s more formal look is the dressier five-link steel bracelet.

Whether or not we fly planes, we all need a robust wristwatch to keep up with our weekend adventures, and the two-tone Breitling Chronomat Automatic pilot’s watch certainly fits the bill.


Rolex Datejust

If you are thinking a Rolex is out of budget for a beginner’s watch collection, think again! The Swiss watchmaking giant—and the world’s leading luxury brand—boasts a diverse range of timepieces at different price points.

Rolex is no stranger to world firsts, and the Datejust is just one of many. Introduced in 1945, the Datejust was the world’s first automatic chronometer-certified wristwatch to include a date window on the dial. While we may take this for granted today, it truly was a mechanical feat during its era. Since then, the Datejust has enjoyed its iconic status in the luxury watch space, seamlessly balancing distinct design hallmarks with plenty of variety.

Although there are countless Rolex Datejust models to choose from, if you’re just starting out your luxury watch collection, we recommend a stainless steel Datejust ref. 16030. A vintage classic, the Datejust ref. 16030 dons a well-proportioned 36mm steel case topped with an intricate engine-turned steel bezel. The understated silver dial includes simple stick hour markers coupled with the famous date window at 3 o’clock. Of course, like most Rolex watches with the date functionality, the aperture is magnified by the Cyclops lens affixed to the crystal protecting the face of the watch. In keeping with its traditional looks, this Datejust is outfitted with the five-link Jubilee bracelet, which is in fact, the bracelet style that made its debut on the inaugural Datejust.

With a Rolex Datejust in your watch box, you’re well on your way to creating a stellar timepiece collection.


The Beginner’s Watch Collection

There are few hobbies as satisfying and style-focused as watch collecting.

A sporty chronograph, an elegant leather timepiece, a dressy aviator’s watch, and a prestigious date wristwatch lays a solid foundation for a men’s starter luxury watch collection. Whichever watches you choose to start with, make sure your timepieces fit your lifestyle, budget, and taste. If chosen correctly, your watches will be with you for life. But also, if you decide to sell or trade your watches down the line for other ones, there’s always a market for pre-owned high-end timepieces. There are plenty of watch enthusiasts out there with revolving collections, where they buy and sell watches as they see fit.

Treat Yourself: Six Luxury Watches for the Ladies on Valentine’s Day

There’s been a notable shift in the luxury watch and jewelry industry. Women are no longer waiting for men to buy them timepieces and jewelry but rather, are purchasing luxury watches and fine jewelry themselves. And why not? We know what we like and we have the means to get what we want.

So with Valentine’s Day around the corner, rather than waiting for cupid’s arrow, just pull the trigger and treat yourself to one of these gorgeous ladies’ luxury watches. Think of it as self-care.


1. Ladies’ Omega Constellation

In case you haven’t heard, two-tone watches are back in a big way. After all, why choose between a white metal watch or a yellow metal watch to match your accessories for the day when you can have them both in one timepiece.

A classic luxury watch, the Omega Constellation has been seen on the wrists of model Cindy Crawford, actress Nicole Kidman, and golfer Michelle Wie. This particular two-tone ladies’ Omega Constellation not only merges durable stainless steel and precious yellow gold, but it also boasts a ring of diamonds on the bezel, in addition to diamond hour markers. Plus, the integrated bracelet offers up some serious vintage seventies glam. Measuring a dainty 23mm, you can easily stack bangles and bracelets around this Omega Constellation for a lavish, layered look.


2. Ladies’ Cartier Tank Française

Cartier watches are the chosen accessories for celebs and style mavens and have been for decades. Jackie O, Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, are all fans of the famous French Maison’s timepieces. Even Kim Kardashian joined the Cartier club when she anonymously purchased Jackie O’s timepiece at an auction. How’s that for timeless style that spans several generations?

The Tank watch is one of Cartier’s most famous timepieces, with a silhouette that is both classic and highly recognizable. This particular Ladies’ Tank Française is a modern approach to the 100-year-old watch. Built in stainless steel, measuring a very wearable 25mm, and furnished with Cartier’s signature blue hands, Roman numerals, and blue stone on the winding crown, this piece is an everyday luxury watch that will get plenty of wrist time. 


3. Chanel J12 GMT  

The Chanel name needs no introduction and in true Chanel fashion, their J12 watches are bold yet minimal. Constructed in high-tech black ceramic and sporting a large 42mm case, this Chanel J12 GMT watch sits proudly on one’s wrist.

Plus, this isn’t just any regular watch that tells the time, but rather it’s a GMT timepiece that indicates the time in two time zones simultaneously thanks to the extra 24-hour red-tipped hand. And instead of a battery-operated quartz movement, this is an automatic watch, meaning that it’ll keep going as long as you wear it. Perfect for the jet set, this is the watch to wear as you travel the globe in style.


4. Chopard Happy Sport

 If Rihanna loves Chopard, then so do we. Especially Chopard’s famous Happy Sport watch collection, which includes a dash of floating diamonds dancing around the watch dial. The round case of this 18k yellow gold version of the Ladies’ Happy Sport watch is timelessly elegant while the curvy links on the bracelet wears and feels like a beautiful piece of fine jewelry.

Encased within the 26mm watch case is a fresh white dial with Roman numerals along with yellow gold center hands.  Also, there are the black onyx stones set into the winding crown and lugs that are simply sublime.


5. Rolex Ladies’ Datejust

If you want just one luxury watch in your jewelry box, then it’s got to be a Rolex. And this particular Rolex Ladies’ Datejust has everything you need for a one-watch collection. First, there’s the two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel construction to match almost everything in your wardrobe. The 31mm stainless steel case includes a yellow gold fluted bezel and yellow gold winding crown. Additionally, the famed five-link Jubilee bracelet includes yellow gold center links flanked by stainless steel ones.

Then there’s the classic dark dial embellished with diamond hour markers, because why not? There’s also the iconic Cyclops magnification lens on the sapphire crystal to make reading the date easy. And finally, housed within this stunning watch is an automatic caliber that just requires wrist movement to run. It’s no wonder Rolex has been the leading luxury watch brand for as long as we can remember.


6. Ladies’ Rolex President

If you really want to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with the ultimate status watch, then feast your eyes on the solid yellow gold Rolex Ladies’ President watch. Not only is this 26mm watch made entirely in 18k yellow gold, but there are also the diamonds on the dial for added luxuriousness.

The curvy semi-circular links on the bracelet wrap around the wrist comfortably while the champagne color of the dial underlines the monochromatic look of this precious metal timepiece. Make no mistake, this is not just a watch for yourself, but it will be a family heirloom to be enjoyed by future generations.


With just a little over two weeks to go until the international day of love, indulge in yourself with a luxury timepiece that will last you forever. And because we know that you’re a savvy shopper, picking one of these pre-owned pieces will save you big bucks—and who doesn’t love that?

Cartier Panthere New vs. Original

Comparing Generations of Cartier Panthere Watches

The sleek panther has been a symbol of the House of Cartier since 1914 when the brand created an exquisite Panther themed bracelet with onyx and diamonds. From then on, this large feline has been featured in a range of Cartier products including jewelry, leather goods, accessories, and of course, watches. While the Cartier Panthere watch does not feature the animal per se, it is named after the brand’s favorite beast and is certainly inspired by it.

Cartier made big news last year when the Maison revived their popular Cartier Panthere watch. An icon of the 1980s and 1990s, the Panthere was one of the most glamorous watches to own during its era. And given the Cartier Panthere’s elegant style and iconic silhouette, it’s not a surprise that the brand decided to bring back this popular luxury watch for a new generation to enjoy.

As a reissue of the original Cartier Panthere watch, the new pieces are very similar to their predecessors with just a few differences to note. So with that in mind, let’s compare the new Cartier Panthere watch with previous Cartier Panthere models to determine exactly what has changed.


Original Cartier Panthere Watch Design

Cartier first introduced the Panthere watch in 1983, during a decade of decadence. As such, the watch was designed to be a glitzy enough to capture the attention of the moneyed crowd with plenty of celebrities opting to wear the glamorous Cartier piece.

The Cartier Panthere watch is characterized by its square case with elongated lugs and square bezel with eight exposed screws. There’s also the signature Cartier-esque dial with Roman numerals, blue sword-shaped hands, and rail-track minute detail at the center. And let’s not forget the famous blue sapphire-set winding crown found on most Cartier timepieces.

However, since square watches are a favorite form of the Cartier brand, the most distinct design feature of the Panthere watch is undoubtedly its link bracelet. Reminiscent of a piece of fine jewelry, the Panthere bracelet is the watch’s calling card. Fashioned to resemble a layer of bricks, the rounded links come together in a beautiful way and blankets one’s wrist in a graceful and supple manner. Comfortable to wear, attractive to look at, and luxurious through and through—the bracelet is everything we’ve come to expect from Cartier. Securing the Panthere bracelet is a concealed deployant clasp.

Thirty years ago, the Cartier Panthere was marketed to both men and women. In fact, there is some gorgeous photography of actor Pierce Brosnan and musician Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones rocking their men’s Cartier Panthere watches floating around on the Internet. Consequently, Cartier made the Panthere watch available in a range of sizes including mini, small, medium, and large to suit all genders, sizes, and tastes. The larger men’s models also sometimes featured a date window for added practicality.

During the eighties, the Cartier Panthere watch was originally created in either yellow gold or two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel, later including lavish white gold models to the line. In 1991, Cartier added an all-steel version of the Panthere, making the watch more accessible to a larger audience. Of course, since Cartier is first and foremost a jeweler, there were several diamond editions of the Panthere timepiece available as well.

To the dismay of many, Cartier eventually discontinued the Panthere watch in the early 2000s. But luckily, not for long; and that brings us to the modern era Cartier Panthere.


New Cartier Panthere Watch

The new Cartier Panthere watches have retained all of the design hallmarks from the original models. They too have square cases, square bezels with exposed screws, and the famous brick-lay bracelet. However, the new watches are presently only available in two sizes—the Small Panthere with a 22mm case and the Medium Panthere with a 27mm case. As a result, the new Panthere is currently exclusively positioned as a ladies’ watch.

Much like the original Panthere watch collections, the pieces come in yellow gold, white gold, two-tone in yellow gold and steel, and of course all steel. However, new to the collection are rose gold Panthere watches including a very avant-garde rose gold version with black lacquer detailing. Furthermore, as a direct homage to the panther beast, there’s also an ultra-lavish white gold and diamond version adorned with animal-like spots in black lacquer.

Also similar to preceding models, the new Panthere watches all run on quartz movements for optimal accuracy and practicality. At this time, Cartier only offers time-only models, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they eventually added date versions at a later stage. Perhaps we’ll see some new models launched at the upcoming SIHH 2018 luxury watch fair taking place later this month.


Opting for a Pre-Owned Cartier Panthere Watch

Since the new Cartier Panthere timepieces are essentially reissues of the older generation, savvy shoppers should turn their attention to the secondary market to purchase a pre-owned Cartier Panthere watch. The new versions come with pretty hefty price tags ranging from $4,600 for the small all-steel model to over $141,000 for select high-jewelry options.

Naturally, prices in the secondary market for pre-owned Cartier Panthere watches are significantly less with steel models and two-tone versions selling for around $2,000 while full yellow gold editions can be found for just above $7,000. Compared to the sky-high prices of the current Panthere watches, these are fantastic deals indeed to own one of the most celebrated women’s watch designs from Cartier.

If you’d like to own or perhaps gift (don’t forget, Valentine’s Day will be here sooner than you think) this gorgeous Cartier ladies’ watch, then browse our collection of pre-owned Cartier Panthere watch to find the right one for you or view our complete collection of Cartier preowned watches.

Large size 18K Yellow Gold Cartier Panthere


Cartier Panthere Collection

Cartier Collection

Omega-Speak: A Reference Guide to Omega Specific Terminology

As one of the world’s leading luxury watch brands, Omega enjoys a passionate fan base of clients, collectors, and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. With roots that date back to 1989, the Swiss watch company has released some of the most iconic timepieces, innovative materials, and groundbreaking watchmaking advancements throughout its long history. From the Moonwatch to the Co-Axial escapement to the new Master Chronometer rating, read on to discover terminology, inventions, and nicknames that are specific to Omega culture.


Official Omega Terms



Used on some Seamaster Planet Ocean diving watches, Omega Ceragold bezels seamlessly combine ceramic and 18k gold. The bezels are first formed using zirconium-oxide-based ceramic, which are then laser-etched with bezel markings such as numerals and scales. The ceramic rings are then plunged into a gold electrolytic bath for 48 hours where a thick layer of 18k gold coats the rings. The rings are then polished down to their ceramic layer, leaving behind a beautifully smooth ceramic bezel with an 18k gold-filled diving scale.


Co-Axial Escapement

The Co-Axial escapement was invented in 1974 and patented in 1980 by watchmaker George Daniels. Omega purchased the rights of the Co-Axial escapement from George Daniels and debuted it in a DeVille watch in 1999. Compared to a traditional Swiss lever escapement, the Co-Axial escapement causes much less friction, thus there’s less need for lubrication and the watch can enjoy longer periods between servicing. The Co-Axial escapement also boasts better efficiency, resulting in better precision. Today, Omega furnishes many of their watches with the Co-Axial escapement.



“Griffes” is the French word for “claws” and refers to four metal pieces holding down the bezels on modern Omega Constellation watches. The “Griffes” made their debut on the 1982 Constellation Manhattan models and has since become an integral design element on all Constellation watches for both men and women.



First used by Omega in 2009, Liquidmetal is an alloy composed of zirconium, nickel, and other metals. Omega uses the alloy along with ceramic to create ultra-tough scratchproof and fade-proof bezels. The ceramic bezel inserts are first laser-engraved with bezel markings and then bonded with the Liquidmetal alloy. Once the Liquidmetal is polished away, Omega is left with a ceramic bezel with Liquidmetal-filled markings.


Master Chronometer

In 2015, Omega introduced the new Master Chronometer certification on the Globemaster watch. A Master Chronometer certification means that in addition to being COSC-certified, it has also been certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). METAS subjects watches to eight intensive tests over ten days including precision tests, positioning tests, magnetism tests, water resistance tests, and durability tests. Master Chronometer certified Omega watches are resistant to an incredible 15,000 gauss of magnetism, thus are considered true anti-magnetic timepieces.



While the Omega Speedmaster chronograph was first introduced in 1957, in 1969 it became the first watch on the moon when it traveled with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on their historic lunar landing. Since then, the Omega Speedmaster Professional aptly picked up the Moonwatch nickname. Omega has since created a variety of Moonwatch editions characterized by their black bezels, black dials, steel construction, and manual-wound chronograph movements.


Sedna gold

Named after one of the reddest planetoids in our solar system, Sedna is Omega’s proprietary red gold alloy that blends gold, copper, and palladium. It is prized for both its beautiful color, as well as its resistance to fading.


Famous Omega Nicknames and Terms Used by Collectors and Enthusiasts


It’s important to note that famous Omega collector Chuck Maddox coined many of the Omega nicknames that are frequently used by collectors today. Chuck Maddox passed away in 2008.


Anakin Skywalker

The nickname used for the 1970s Omega Seamaster Chronograph ref. 145.0023 with the tungsten-chrome finish and the blue, red, and black dial. This was coined to complement the black “Darth Vader” version of the same watch reference.


Big Blue

The nickname used for the vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic 120m Chronograph ref. 176.004 in reference to the watch’s large 47mm case and blue dial and blue bezel. This is not to be confused with the new Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT “Big Blue” ref. 215.92.46 released at Baselworld 2017.



First released in 1969, “Bullhead” is the label given to a family of Omega chronographs that features the winding crown and chronograph pushers at the 12 o’clock position rather than the typical 2/3/4 o’clock position. The location of the pushers and crown, along with the distinct case shape do indeed come together for a design that’s remarkably like a bull’s head.


Darth Vader

The nickname used for the 1970s Omega Seamaster Chronograph ref. 145.0023 with a black ceramic-like coated steel case and a black, red, and white dial.


Double Eagle

In 2003, Omega released a larger, heftier, and more masculine version of the Constellation dubbed the Double Eagle. A double eagle refers to a score of three strokes under par in golf and as big supporters of the sport, Omega borrowed this term to name their then-new Constellation Double Eagle collection.


Ed White

NASA Astronaut Edward White became the first American to walk in space in 1965. During his historic spacewalk, he had on his wrist an Omega Speedmaster ref. 105.003. Therefore, this particular reference has aptly been nicknamed the “Ed White.”


Holy Grail

According to the late Chuck Maddox, the Speedmaster Automatic ref. ST376.0822 first released in 1987 is the “Holy Grail” Speedmaster. The 42mm Speedmaster Professional style case houses Omega’s version of the classic Lemania 5100 automatic movement.


James Bond

In 1995, superspy 007 began wearing Omega watches in the famous James Bond films—and continues to do so today. One of those Omega watches includes the Seamaster Professional ref. 2531.80, which has since been nicknamed the “James Bond” by collectors.



To complement the “Darth Vader” and the “Anakin Skywalker” Star Wars themed nicknames, the vintage Omega Seamaster ref. 145.0024 picked up the “Jedi” moniker. However, the vintage Omega Seamaster ref. 176.0005 with a distinct cushion style case is also often (incorrectly) referred to as a “Jedi” due to an auction house catalog error.



The nickname used for a variant of the Omega Speedsonic ST188.0001—a chronometer chronograph powered by a quartz movement—from the 1970s with an unusual lobster tail-like metal bracelet.



Mitsukoshi is one of Japan’s most famous department store chains. In 2003, Omega collaborated with the store to launch a limited-edition Speedmaster Professional ref. 3570.31 dubbed the “Mitsukoshi.” Characterized by a white Panda-style dial with black registers, only 300 examples were produced and sold exclusively through the Mitsukoshi stores.



Omega has long been the official timekeeper of the Olympic games. For the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics the company unveiled the Seamaster Chrono Quartz ref. 196.0052. Now nicknamed the “Montreal,” the case was fashioned to resemble a scoreboard while the dial featured both analog and digital displays. Plus, the famous Olympic rings logo is found engraved on the caseback.



An affectionate nickname for any Omega Speedmaster.


Speedy Tuesday

The hashtag #SpeedyTuesday was created in 2012 by Omega enthusiast and blogger Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello Watches and quickly gained momentum across all social media platforms. So much so, that Omega created the Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday” Limited-Edition watch in 2017, aptly limited to 2,012 pieces!


Wally Schirra

In 1962, Wally Schirra piloted his Sigma 7 capsule on a six-orbit mission that lasted more than nine hours and on his wrist was his personal Omega Speedmaster CK2998. This particular watch became the first Omega in space and of course, picked up the nickname the “Wally Schirra.” Omega has since released a couple of commemorative models to celebrate the first Omega in space including the 2012 Speedmaster “First Omega in Space” ref. 311.32.40.

Rolex-Speak: A Reference Guide to Rolex Specific Terminology

In addition to iconic watches, celebrity endorsements, and being the most powerful luxury brand in the world, Rolex culture has something else—its own lexicon. Masters of marketing, Rolex has coined a slew of their own terminology to differentiate themselves from the competition. It’s not rose gold, it’s Everose gold. It’s not ceramic, it’s Cerachrom. Plus, Rolex enthusiasts have carried on the tradition by creating their own nicknames and labels when referring to specific watches and design traits. Read on to brush up on your Rolex speak. 


Official Rolex Terms


Cerachrom Bezel

Unveiled in 2005, Cerachrom is Rolex’s patented approach to a high-tech ceramic bezel. The word “Cerachom” is a compound word mixing the words “ceramic” and “chrom,” the ancient Greek word for color. Prized for its resistance to both fading and scratching, the majority of Rolex sports watches today come equipped with a Cerachrom bezel.


Chronergy Escapement

A major component of a mechanical movement is the escapement. It takes the energy from the coiled mainspring and distributes it in small and controlled increments to the rest of the movement, which in turn produces the familiar ticking sound. In 2015, Rolex presented their patented Chronergy escapement in the new Caliber 3255. The increased efficiency of the Chronergy escapement made way for an increase in power reserve.



Chromalight refers to Rolex’s luminescent material used on the dial and sometimes bezel of some of their current watches. It glows blue in the dark rather than the more typical green and lasts for up to eight hours. It made its debut in 2008 on the then-new DeepSea Sea Dweller and has since made its way to other Rolex watches.



Introduced in 1963, the Cosmograph was Rolex’s new generation chronograph watch. While Cosmograph is the official Rolex name for their chronograph watches, today, this family of famous luxury sports watches is simply known as the Daytona.



Cyclops is the Rolex term for the lens charged to magnify the date window at three o’clock. Affixed to the exterior of the crystal, it was launched in 1954 on a Datejust model and has since become a signature trait on almost all Rolex watches with a date window.



The patented Easylink extension system allows the wearer to extend the length of an Oyster bracelet by 5mm without the need for tools.



Everose refers to Rolex’s exclusive 18k rose gold alloy that offers an ideal blend of gold, platinum, and copper for a color that’s not only distinct but one that will never fade.


Fliplock Extension

Found on Rolex’s extreme diver’s watches such as the Sea-Dweller and the Deepsea, the Fliplock Extension allows the Oyster bracelet to be adjusted by an additional 26mm to accommodate thick diving suits.


Glidelock Clasp

Similar to the Fliplock, the Glidelock clasp also permits bracelet extension to fit around a diving suit, but this time to a length of 20mm in 2mm increments. In addition to Sea-Dweller and Deepsea, the Glidelock is also fitted on the Oyster bracelets of modern Submariner diving watches.


Jubilee Bracelet

One of Rolex’s famous bracelets, the Jubilee bracelet includes a five-link configuration and was first introduced on the inaugural Datejust watch in 1945.


Oyster Bracelet

One of Rolex’s famous bracelets, the sporty Oyster bracelet has been around since the 1930s and includes a flat three-piece link configuration.


Oyster Perpetual

Oyster Perpetual is the label given to those Rolex watches that include a waterproof Oyster case and a self-winding “perpetual” movement. All modern Rolex watches (aside from the Cellini collection) fall into the Oyster Perpetual family. This is not to be confused with the Oyster Perpetual model, which is Rolex’s entry-level time-only watch.


Parachrom Hairspring

The oscillator regulates the precision within a mechanical movement and it’s composed of a hairspring and a balance wheel. Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring is resistant to magnetic fields and up to ten times tougher against daily knocks than standard hairsprings.


Pearlmaster Bracelet

In 1992, Rolex launched a more precious version of the ladies’ Datejust with the Pearlmaster jewelry watch. Along with its gold construction and gems, the watch’s distinguishing feature is its Pearlmaster bracelet with rounded five-piece links and a Crownclasp.


Perpetual Movement

Rolex invented the world’s first self-winding movement driven by a Perpetual rotor in 1931, dubbed the Perpetual Movement. Not only is this clever mechanism at the core of every Rolex automatic movement, it provided the basic structure for almost every modern automatic watch thereafter.


President Bracelet

One of Rolex’s famous bracelets, the President bracelet includes a semi-circular three-link configuration. It is exclusively manufactured in either 18k gold or platinum and is always fitted with a Crownclasp. This bracelet made its debut on the Day-Date watch in 1956 and today, the Day-Date is often referred to as the Rolex President.


Ring Command Bezel

Found on the Yacht-Master II and Sky-Dweller models, the Ring Command bezel controls portions of the mechanical movement and works in conjunction with the winding crown to set and adjust different functions on the watch.


Ringlock System

Found on the Deepsea diving watch, the Ringlock System is composed of a nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring, a 5.5mm thick domed sapphire crystal, and a titanium caseback. This system allows the Deepsea to safely plunge down to 3,900m (12,800ft)—well beyond the depth any person could survive.



A part of the Rolex lexicon since 1933, Rolesor refers to the use of both gold and steel on a Rolex watch. Often referred to as two-tone, Rolesor can mean a combination of yellow gold and steel, rose gold and steel, or white gold and steel.



Exclusively found within the Yacht-Master collection, Rolesium refers to the use of both platinum and steel on a Rolex watch.


Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified

Found on the majority of modern Rolex watch dials, the “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” label indicates that the watch is both COSC-certified as a chronometer and it has passed a battery of stringent in-house tests to offer the reliability, precision, and durability we have come to expect from a Rolex watch. In 2015, Rolex redefined the SCOC designation to guarantee an accuracy rating of -2/+2 seconds per day.


Triplock and Twinlock Winding Crown

An integral component to the water resistance of the Oyster case is the construction of the winding crown, which is screwed down to the case to keep the water out. Twinlock winding crowns have two sealed zones while Triplock winding crowns have three sealed zones to keep the watch watertight.


Famous Nicknames and Terms Used by Collectors and Enthusiasts



The nickname for the GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR in reference to the watch’s black and blue Cerachrom ceramic bezel.



Refers to the black and red bezel found on specific models of the Rolex GMT-Master II watch.


Fat Lady

The nickname for the GMT-Master II ref. 16760 in reference to the watch’s thicker case, larger crown guards, and wider lugs.



The nickname for the Submariner ref. 116610LV in reference to the watch’s rich green color.


James Bond

The nickname for the vintage Submariner ref. 6538, which was worn by Sean Connery in Dr. No on a striped textile NATO-style strap.



The nickname for the 50th-anniversary Submariner ref. 16610LV in reference to its green aluminum bezel.


Nipple Dial

Refers to a specific dial design on vintage Rolex GMT-Master and Submariner watches that include faceted gold hour-markers that resemble a nipple.



A term often used in vintage Rolex collecting circles to describe the color change that happens to certain parts of the watch—hands, indexes, dials, bezel markings—over time. It can range from off-white to a rich brown hue.


Paul Newman

The label given to particular vintage Daytona models (ref. 6239, ref. 6241, ref. 6262, ref. 6263, ref. 6264, and ref. 6265) that come equipped with Rolex “exotic” Art-Deco style dials after the famous actor wore one himself. Paul Newman’s own Daytona Paul Newman recently became the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction when it sold for $17.8 million in October 2017.



Refers to the blue and red bezel found on specific models of the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II. This was the first type of bezel used on the inaugural GMT-Master and is the most iconic option.



Refers to the white dial versions of the Rolex Explorer II watches.



The nickname given to Rolex Day-Date watches in reference to both its President bracelet and for its status as the go-to watch for world leaders, captains of industry, and celebrities.


Root Beer

Refers to the brown and bronze bezel found on specific models of the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II.



The nickname for the white gold Submariner ref. 116619LB in reference to the watch’s vibrant blue color.


Steve McQueen/Freccione

The vintage Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655 picked up the nickname “Steve McQueen” when it was erroneously published that the legendary actor wore one. He never did—his Rolex of choice was a Submariner—but the nickname stuck. The Explorer II ref. 1655 is also called the “Freccione,” derived from the Italian word for arrow in reference to the arrow-tipped 24-hour hand.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Luxury Watches To Give This Year

There are only six Fridays left until December 25th! So it’s about time to start thinking about what gifts you’ll be giving your loved ones this holiday season. We are of course partial to luxury watches. After all, a luxury watch is a fantastic gift that is both beautiful and practical. A fine timepiece is a special gift that will not only make a big impact on the day it’s given, but it will also be enjoyed for a long time to come. What’s more, a luxury watch is a suitable gift for either him or her. Finally, a pre-owned luxury watch is a savvier choice since you’ll be saving plenty of money while still gifting a prestigious and well-respected timepiece.

So with that, read on for our recommendations on the best luxury watches to gift this holiday season covering a range of budgets, for both him and her.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Him: Under $2,000

 If you have less than $2,000 to spend on a high-end timepiece, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of fantastic choices in the secondary market.

For him, we’d recommend a Breitling watch. A masculine and sporty watch brand that boasts technical prowess and great design, Breitling is tough to beat. For less than $2,000 there are several choices. The super sporty stainless steel Breitling Transocean Chronograph Stainless Steel (ref. A530401) includes a generous 42mm case housing a dynamic red, white and blue dial. Plus, the watch offers tons of functionality including time, date, and chronograph, all powered by an extremely precise and accurate quartz movement.

If however, you’d prefer a smaller sized watch, then there’s the stainless steel Breitling Colt Ocean Chrono (ref. A53050) with a 37mm case complete with a black dial displaying the time, date, and chronograph functions.

Alternatively, for an automatic version, there’s the stainless steel Breitling Superocean (ref. A17040) with a 41.5mm case with time and date displayed on the rich blue dial topped with steel rotating bezel.

Or, for a touch more preciousness, then the automatic Breitling Chrono Cockpit (ref. B30012) fits the bill. With its 37mm stainless steel case and yellow gold rider tabs on the bezel coupled with a classic black leather strap and clean white dial indicating the time, date, and chronograph functions, this Breitling is an elegant approach to a luxury sports watch.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Her: Under $2,000

For less than $2,000 we’d recommend a Cartier watch as the perfect gift for her. And at this price point, there’s an abundance of styles to choose from.

A favorite among celebrities and fashionistas the world over, the steel Cartier Tank Francaise (ref. W51008Q3 / 2384) with a 20mm x 25mm rectangular case features all the signature Cartier details. From the black Roman numerals to the blued-steel sword-shaped hands to the eight-sided winding crown set with a synthetic spinel cabochon, this is a modern take on the classic Tank watch.

Considering that Cartier just revived the Panthere watch collection earlier this year and that two-tone style is making a huge comeback, this yellow gold and steel Cartier Panthere (ref. 166921) is completely on-trend. Sporting a 24mm steel square case topped with an 18k yellow gold bezel and outfitted with the characteristic brick-lay link bracelet in both yellow gold and steel, this is the must-have ladies’ watch of the moment.

For a leather strap alternative that flaunts a retro vibe, the Cartier Tank Divan (ref. 2599) is a great choice. Accompanying the watch’s 32mm wide rectangular steel case is a sophisticated alligator leather strap in a dark blue hue.

Part jewelry piece, part wristwatch, the Cartier Panthere Ruban (ref. 2420) does double the duty. Set among the eight rows of the brick-lay link bracelet is the 21mm square case along with the bezel with exposed screws and famed Cartier dial with Roman numerals and blue hands.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Him: $2,000 – $5,000

If your gift-giving budget ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, then we’d recommend an Omega as a men’s watch option. As one of the most popular high-end timepiece brands available today, Omega is cherished for their solid designs and reliable movements.

One of the most iconic Omega watches is undoubtedly the Speedmaster Moonwatch—named so for its historic journey in 1969 aboard the Apollo 11 mission during mankind’s first lunar landing. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (ref. 3573.50.00) is a modern iteration of that legendary timepiece, complete with a 42mm steel case, black dial, black tachymeter bezel, and manual-wound mechanical movement powering the time and chronograph functions.

Turning our attention to marine exploration, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Chronograph (ref. is part of the company’s line of professional diving watches. Along with the unidirectional rotating diver’s bezel on the 45.5mm steel case and water resistance to 600 meters, there’s also the duo of chronograph registers on the dial and the famous broad-arrow hands.

For a more classic watch, there’s the two-tone steel and yellow gold Omega Constellation Automatic (ref. 368.1201) featuring the distinct bezel with Roman numerals, four claws (a.k.a “griffes”) on the sides of the 36mm case, and an integrated bracelet. Driving the time and date functions is an automatic mechanical movement.

Vintage watch enthusiasts and dapper gents will appreciate the traditional style of the 18k yellow gold vintage Omega Automatic (ref. 2709) timepiece. Housed within the restrained 34mm gold case is a beautifully retro dial with yellow gold indexes, yellow gold hands, and a running seconds subdial at 6 o’clock.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Her: $2,000 – $5,000

With a budget of $2,000 – $5,000, your best bet for a gift for her would be a ladies’ Chopard watch.

Famous for their floating diamond motif, the Chopard Happy Diamond Sport ladies’ watch collection is a varied assortment of modern gem timepieces. There’s the contemporary midsize Chopard Happy Sport 27/8236-23 where seven floating diamonds are housed within a round 32mm steel case. Particularly beautiful are the flashes of color on the otherwise monochromatic watch from the blue center hands to the blue cabochon sapphires on the winding crown and lugs.

For a sportier version, there’s the limited edition Chopard Happy Sport (ref. 28/8507) with a 38mm black ceramic case, stainless steel bezel, and black rubber strap. Of course, adorning the dial are the characteristic floating diamonds—a trio of them in this particular example.

Yet another version is the square Chopard Happy Sport (ref. 27-8325-23) sized at a refined 26mm. Within the steel case are seven floating diamonds while the lugs and winding crown are topped with the signature blue cabochon sapphires. Finishing off the stylish watch is a blue leather strap.

Finally, the Chopard A Fine Lady’s (ref. 493 1) timepiece in 18k white gold flaunts a flurry of diamonds on its dainty 19mm rectangular case and dial. The perfect companion to any cocktail party or grand gala event, the watch is presented with a sophisticated black leather strap.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Him: $5,000 – $8,000

If you’re ready to spend between $5,000 and $8,000 on gifting a men’s watch this holiday season, then it’s got to be a Rolex watch. In terms of recognition, prestige, legendary designs, and dependable movements, this Swiss watchmaking giant is at the top.

Among the Rolex tool watches, the highly sought-after Submariner dive watch is in a league of its own. And a classic choice is the Rolex Submariner ref. 16610 with a 40mm steel Oyster case, matching steel Oyster bracelet, black dial with lume plots and Mercedes-style hands, and black aluminum diver’s bezel. Encased within the 300-meter water resistant case is the famous Rolex Cal. 3135 automatic movement driving the time and date functions.

The GMT-Master is yet another iconic Rolex tool watch, but due to its ability to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously, it was built to serve pilots. A particularly popular variant is the Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 16710 “Coke”, nicknamed after the soda brand because of its black and red bezel. Completing the celebrated style of the watch is the 40mm steel Oyster case, ubiquitous steel Oyster bracelet, and red arrow-tipped GMT-hand on the black dial.

Along with their renowned sports watches, Rolex is also recognized for making iconic dress watches, such as the Datejust. The two-tone Rolex Datejust ref. 116233 dons a style typical of the collection thanks to its classic combination of yellow gold and stainless steel, fluted bezel, 36mm Oyster case, champagne dial, and Jubilee bracelet.

For a more robust version of the traditional Datejust dress watch, there’s also the larger Rolex Datejust II ref. 116334­. Measuring a heftier 41mm, the steel Oyster case sports an 18k white gold fluted bezel. There’s also the rich blue dial with luminescent baton indexes and sporty steel Oyster bracelet.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Her: $5,000 – $8,000

Similarly, if you have $5,000 and $8,000 to spend on her gift this year, then a ladies’ Rolex watch is the way to go. Especially since women’s Rolex watches run on mechanical movements rather than quartz ones.

The stainless steel Rolex Datejust ref. 116234 with a pink floral and diamond dial is an everyday luxury watch with a difference. Moreover, adding to the fine details of the 36mm timepiece is the intricate Jubilee style bracelet, the 18k white gold fluted bezel, and the oversized 6 and 9 numerals joining the date window on the dial.

For added luxury, there’s the two-tone Rolex Lady-Datejust ref. 179173, which combines precious 18k yellow gold with rugged stainless steel. The 26mm steel Oyster case includes a yellow gold fluted bezel and yellow gold winding crown, while the steel Oyster bracelet features yellow gold center links. Around the periphery of the slate dial are yellow gold Roman numerals, along with the date window at 3 o’clock magnified by the Cyclops lens.

Offering the wearer a touch of jet-set chic is the solid 18k yellow gold Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 69628. Clearly inspired by the nautical lifestyle, the ladies’ Yacht-Master has a 26mm Oyster case equipped with a sporty rotating bezel. The matching champagne dial sets the stage for the luminescent hour markers and Mercedes-style hands, while at 3 o’clock is a date aperture.

For the lady who is drawn to the finest things in life, the solid 18k yellow gold Rolex Datejust ref. 69178 will surely impress. Nicknamed the “Lady President” for its legendary President bracelet with the distinct semi-circular links, the lavishness of the watch is further emphasized by the diamond hour markers on the black dial.


The Best Luxury Watch Gifts for Him and Her: $8,000+

With such a substantial budget allocated, you want to make sure that you select absolute icons from the finest watchmakers.

For him, we’ll start with the 18k white gold Cartier Tortue Perpetual Calendar (ref. 2540), whose tonneau-shaped case was designed in 1912 by Louis Cartier himself. Offering the very practical perpetual calendar function, the timepiece automatically indicates the correct time, day, date, month, and leap year without the need for manual adjusting (until 2100 when the leap year is ignored that year). Her equivalent would be the ladies’ 18k white gold Cartier Tortue (ref. 2644) with a lavish diamond bezel.

Following that, the solid 18k yellow gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moonphase (ref. 25594BA.O.0477.BA.01) men’s watch is one not to miss. Originally developed by legendary designer Gerald Genta in 1970, the Royal Oak’s distinct octagonal bezel and integrated bracelet kicked off the entire luxury sports watch genre. This particular example includes a trio of subdials to indicate the day, date, and phases of the moon. Additionally, the 18k yellow gold ladies’ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Ref. 67601BA.ZZ.D012CR.03-FX2UC2) with diamonds on the eight-sided bezel and a white leather strap is a great match to the men’s version.

And finally, a holiday gift guide to the best luxury watches wouldn’t be complete without the famous Patek Nautilus—also designed by Genta in the seventies. Proudly showcasing its porthole-style 37.5mm stainless steel case and integrated bracelet, the Patek Philippe Nautilus (ref. 3800/1A-001) includes Roman numerals and a date window on its black dial. For the ladies, there’s the ultra-precious 18k yellow gold women’s Patek Philippe Nautilus (ref. 4700/51), beautifully embellished with diamonds on the bezel as well as diamonds serving as hour markers on the black grooved dial.

And there you have it; our holiday gift guide to the best luxury watches money can buy—regardless of your budget. Happy shopping!



The Rolex Datejust Ref. 1601 vs. Ref. 16014

One of the most recognizable luxury dress watches ever to be created, very few timepieces come close to the legendary status of the Rolex Datejust. Classic, prestigious, and instantly recognizable, the Datejust has been Rolex’s signature dress watch since its inception in 1945. As Rolex’s flagship model, there have been countless variations of the Datejust throughout its seven-decade history. Today we evaluate two classic models: the Datejust ref. 1601 and the Ref. 16014. If you’re in the market for a vintage Datejust, these are some solid contenders. Let’s have a closer look at the similarities and differences of the Datejust ref. 1601 vs. the Datejust ref. 16014.


Style Details: Datejust Ref. 1601 vs. Ref. 16014

Since there are several different metal configurations of the ref. 1601 we want to make sure that we’re comparing apples to apples. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, when we refer to the ref. 1601 we are actually referring to the stainless steel and white gold bezel version.

Rolex Datejust ref. 1601
Rolex Datejust ref. 1601

In terms of era, the Datejust ref. 1601 spans from the late 1950s until the 1970s while the Datejust ref. 16014 watches are from the 1970s and 1980s.

Both the Datejust ref. 1601 and the ref. 16014 sport the traditionally sized 36mm Oyster case. The stainless steel case is topped with a white gold fluted bezel for a touch more lavishness. The most common bracelet fitted onto both the Datejust ref. 1601 and the ref. 16014 is the stainless steel five-link Jubilee bracelet. However, since these are vintage timepieces, there are plenty of models out there that feature replacement bracelets including some leather and NATO straps, in addition to metal ones.

Something interesting to note about the Datejust ref. 1601 is the “pie pan” dial. This refers to the outer edge of the dial dropping slightly—a look similar to a pan used for baking pies. On the other hand, the dial of the Datejust ref. 16014 is flat throughout.

As these are vintage Rolex watches, both the Datejust ref. 1601 and the ref. 16014 have acrylic crystal rather than the now ubiquitous sapphire crystal protecting the face of the watches.


Technical Aspects: Datejust Ref. 1601 vs. Ref. 16014

Naturally, since these are Datejust watches, both the ref. 1601 and the ref. 16014 feature the iconic date window at 3 o’clock magnified by the famous Cyclops lens. While both of these watches offer time and date functions, they run on different automatic movements.

Rolex Datejust ref. 16014
Rolex Datejust ref. 16014

Powering the Datejust ref. 1601 is the Rolex Caliber 1570/5. While this is considered a very reliable movement and one of Rolex’s “workhorses” it’s important to remember that this is not a quickset Datejust. As a result, to set the date, the center hands of the dial have to continuously go around the dial past midnight until the correct date appears in the window.

On the flipside, the Datejust ref. 16014 houses the Rolex Caliber 3035. When it was introduced in 1977, the Caliber 3035 boasted a higher frequency rating of 28,800 beats per hour rather than the previous 19,800 beats per hour. Higher frequencies mean higher accuracy ratings. Furthermore, the Caliber 3035 was the first movement to offer the quickset feature to the Datejust collection. Therefore, adjusting the date only requires a simple turning of the crown, independently of the center hands.

Both fantastic vintage Rolex watches, choosing the Datejust Ref. 1601 vs. Ref. 16014 is a matter of personal taste. The Datejust ref. 1601 offers more vintage flair with its pie pan dial while the ref. 16014 offers more practicality thanks to its quickset feature. Which one would you go for? Leave us a comment below!